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As of 28 May 2012, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) set up a new national register, which replaced the existing eight state and territory registers, simplifying business names registration in Australia by offering a single national service.

This means that new business names registered after the 28 May 2012 will no longer have a state-based business number (i.e. VIC BN12345678).

auDA’s position is that it is acceptable for the registrant of a or domain name to rely on their Registered Business Name alone, without having to provide any other identifier such as an ABN or ACN. In this case, the Registrant and Eligibility Type and ID fields in the registry database can be left blank. The registrant name must be the legal entity (individual or company) holding that Registered Business Name, as shown on the ASIC Business Name Register.

To use an example - Kris Kringle owns a registered business called 'Santa Toys', and he wants to register ''. He wants to use his Registered Business Name as basis of eligibility and not his sole trader ABN or his company ACN. Since he registered his business name after 28 May 2012, his registered business name does not have an associated number.

In the new Business Name Register, the Business Name Summary reflects the following information (please note this is an example only):


Business name:

Santa Toys



Registration date:


Renewal date:


Cancelled date:


Cancellation under review:


Address for service of documents:

10 Rudolph Ave, Santa Village VIC 3000

Principal place of business:

Santa Village, VIC 3000

Holder(s) details:

Holder Name: Kris Kringle


Holder Type: Person


ABN: 12 345 678 910


Former State/Territory registration details


Former identifier:


Former State/Territory:


The domain name record should reflect this:


Domain Name:

Registrant Name:

Kris Kringle

Registrant ID Type & ID:

Optional (can be left blank)

Eligibility Type:

Registered Business

Eligibility Name:

Santa Toys

Eligibility ID Type & ID:

Optional (can be left blank)


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