Social Media

Why use Social Media? More traffic, more leads, potentially more sales.

Social Media - what to post about?

What to post about? Try creating content "Buckets"

Struggling to find things to post about on social media? The content bucket method will help you to diversify your content and share information that is relevant and helpful for your audiences. Think about what your audiences are interested in, other than your business.

Write down a whole list of potential topics, some of them will then become your content buckets. The purpose of your content buckets is to ensure your content is interesting for your audiences to they want to follow you. A few ideas for content buckets are :

  1. "How to"  Share your hottest tips and knowledge in order to build your audience. eg, if you are a hairdresser... how to style your hair in five minutes or less, if you are an interior designer.... top 5 tips for transforming your living room, consultants.... how to put together a plan in 3 simple steps.
  2. Industry News and Trends. This is where you share information and the latest news in your industry. What are the latest trends? What does the future look like? What's happening right now that might be of interest to your audiences? This type of content is particularly popular on LinkedIn.
  3. Behind the Scenes. Struggling for content to post on your social media accounts? 'Behind the Scenes' content is one of the most popular types of content, instead of promoting what you've done, give people an insight into what's going on in your business/workshop/daily routine. For example, introducing team members, showing your audience your workspace, a tour through your offices and a picture of your team at a team dinner or outside-of-work activity.
  4. User-generated. Ask your audience to take a selfie with your product and post it to your social media account. This is often part of a competition, but doesn't have to be!
  5. Product reviews. Create a product review or comparison - it could be written and accompanied by photos, or a short video. If you have a Youtube channel then also upload it to that, and if you have a blog on your website then add it to that too!
  6. Content from other sources. Use articles posted by reliable sources and repost/share them on your own account. Always include your own comment or how it impacts your business, just to make it relevant.
  7. Self promotion! Remember the 80/20 rule though, only 20% of your content should be inviting people to buy from you or use your services.

Thanks to Gerd Altmann from Pixabay for the cool image!

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