Social Media

Why use Social Media? More traffic, more leads, potentially more sales.

How to grow your social media engagement 

Heres a tip that's been proven to work! Its free & easy to do, ensuring new engagement to your profile every week!

To get engagement, you need to engage with others. Next time you are scrolling your instagram, Facebook or twitter feed, engage on as many posts as you can by not only liking, but commenting too! Make sure your comments are non-generic, find something in particular to make a comment on.

Such as: "I've never seen a bag quite like that! its detailing is gorgeous, where could I get one?" Asking questions is great as it catches the attention of the poster even more. Never just comment emojis, such as "😍" or "❤️" although it is nice, it is also plain and doesn't catch anyones attention.

By doing this you will not only receive engagement from the accounts post's you're commenting on, but also who ever follows and is intrigued by your comments too! It is also good to like other peoples comments, as they may then view your profile when seeing you have liked their comment.

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