Wordpress & Joomla Maintenance

Is the content of your website out of date, or are you too busy to maintain it?

Too busy to maintain your Wordpress or Joomla website?

Webcoast receives many requests from people that had their website built by somebody else, but for whatever reason they're looking for a new web developer to look after their site for them. I work with Wordpress and Joomla sites and can also make changes to HTML sites. Many businesses in Australia may be up to the third or fourth version of their website. WebCoast can perform updates to your existing site and major revamps changing the look, feel and content or layout as required. As part of the revamp, or for all new clients that come on board with me, I will review your site with you and identify any areas which need improvement.

What I offer

  • Wordpress & Joomla content updates - Are you too busy to do the small updates to text and images on your wordpress website? I can help either on a regular basis, or on an 'as-required' basis. I can also provide a userguide so that you can start maintaining the website yourself if you want to.
  • Wordpress & Joomla Blog posts - Are you too busy to provide a regular blog post? Ask me about creating and posting blog content for you. Google loves fresh website content, it helps with your ranking.
  • Wordpress & Joomla security updates - Making sure your website version is kept up to date, along with the plugins that it uses. This requires a level of technical ability, so take the stress out of the job and let me do it for you.
  • Suggesting improvements - I am a web professional and know what is required to stay up in the rankings of search engines such as Google. I will review your Wordpress or Joomla website and let you know ways that you can improve it.

Ugh, my site is UGLY!

Been a while since you've revamped your website? Does it look ugly? Is it sitting in the middle of the page like a little lump, and not working very well on mobile phones? Relax, I can help by building you a brand new site, and while we're at it, let's refresh the content too.

The design – Would you approach your company based on what you see on your existing website? Is it out of date looking? Is this putting customers off? Possibly!

The content is out of date – I amhappy to update the website for you, either on a regular basis, or on an 'as-required' basis. I can also provide a userguide so that you can start maintaining the website yourself if you want to.

See examples of revamped sites.

Why Choose Webcoast?

  • When you call you'll speak to me. I build the sites and I answer the phone. You'll never be passed between staff in a call centre again! Yay!
  • Just like you're a specialist in your career, so I am. I have a thorough knowledge of the web and will produce a professional looking website that performs well.
  • I'm not going to speak to you in technical jargon that you don't understand. Well, I can if you want me to!
  • I'll offer you practical, friendly advice. Not some sales pitch that you can't squirm away from.

Sound like we could work together? Let's Go!

Wordpress & Joomla! Specialist


Been meaning to update your website for months (or years) and never done it?

Haven't logged in to your site for a while and now you're too scared to touch it?

Take that stress away and let me help - I'll do your updates as often or infrequently as you require.

Just do it