Frequently Asked Questions

We've covered the common stuff, but if you have a query, drop us a line!

Q If you build me a website, when do I have to pay?

After you have signed the quote we will work with you to create the look and feel of the website, when you are happy with this you pay the first payment of 50%. The project then goes into development and the remaining 50% is billed when the site goes live. Or, to help with cashflow we also offer 'EasyPay' which allows you to pay off the new website at $500+gst per month until it is paid in full.

Q I don't know who my domain name is registered with, can you help me?

Yes, we can find out who the current registrar of your domain name is.

Q If you build me a new site, do I have to change my hosting?

No you don't, as long as your existing hosting meets our technical requirements.

Q Can you design a logo?

Yes we do design logos. Branding is an important part of your business and important for us to keep continuity through out your online and marketing material.

Q Can you make changes to existing websites?

Yes, we can make changes to your existing static HTML site, or Wordpress, Joomla, WIX or SquareSpace content managed site. We do not do maintenance on Drupal or other content management systems. If you are unsure what type of site you have, contact us. If you have a Wordpress, Joomla, WIX or SquareSpace site or a static site, we will need the access details which enables us to get to your site - either the ftp details if we are modifying the site directly, or access details for your content management system. We can make changes to text, replace images, update navigation, and even provide a new look & feel for the site. Contact us with your requirements and we will endeavor to help you out.

Q Can you modify sites done in Joomla?

Yes, we can build or maintain Joomla sites.

Q Can you modify sites built in Wordpress?

Yes, we can build or maintain Wordpress sites.

Q Do you implement SEO into your websites?

Yes. Our sites are built using the latest SEO essentials, which makes our sites well indexed by search engines, and obtain good search engine rankings. There are many factors which contribute to SEO, many of which cannot be accessed via DIY websites built with templates. The benefit of having WebCoast build your website is that we can implement these SEO essentials, ones you would probably miss if you were to build the site yourself. For the fiercely competitive markets we work closely with local SEO experts, and can refer you for comprehensive packages.

Q What format of logo should I use in Word?

We have found that the best clarity of images and logos is obtained when you use a .png image. Jpegs and Gifs tend to become blurry when inserted into word documents.

Q What format of logo should I use in MYOB?

We have found that the best clarity of logos is obtained when you use a .gif image which has been pre-sized by image editing software to the desired output size. Other file types tend to become blurry when inserted into the MYOB template. Additionally, if you email the invoice rather than printing directly from the invoice window, this can alleviate blurry images caused by logo insertion at printing.

Q The images in my Outlook Signature are blurry, do you know why?

Outlook requires images to be of resolution 96dpi. If they are 72dpi they will be stretched and become blurry. Inspect the properties of your image by using Windows Explorer to browse for you file, then right click and select 'Properties', go to the 'Details' tab and look for Horizontal resolution and Vertical resolution.

Q Under Australian Law, am I allowed to copy content from other websites for inclusion in my own website?

Please see our copyright page for a copy of the Australian Copyright Law.