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If your business has lots of services then you'll want to consider a larger site so you rank better in Google.

Looking to get a website built? Prefer a web developer who won't confuse you with technical mumbo-jumbo?

Well you've landed on the right website! I've been building websites for over 10 years and can certainly help you with yours. I offer practical, friendly advice in words you'll understand. 

Bigger businesses usually need more pages

When you're a bigger business you usually need more pages because you have more services that need to be included in the site. The way Google works is that the different aspects of your business need to be separated onto their own pages, it's to do with search engine rankings. I can help you work out what the structure of your website needs to be, what the most logical for users will be, and what will work the best for your Google rankings.

Ready for all device types

All websites that I build are 'responsive', which means they will adapt their layout to suit mobile phones and tablets. This is really important because Google now ranks websites based on whether they are responsive or not. Sites are also built to be SSL compliant, as that is another factor considered by Google for rankings. These are the types of things that WebCoast will include when building your site, things you wouldn't even consider if you tried to do it yourself.

A range of 10 page websites:


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