Domain Names

Take the headache out of managing your domain yourself - leave the tricky stuff to us!

Domain Name Registration

Once the domain name has been decided I can register the domain name for you. Most of my clients choose this option because they find it confusing, and the technical aspect of setting the name server information is daunting. When you register your domain name through WebCoast I'll do all of that for you. It also means that anything to do with your domain will come from WebCoast, there are SO many spam emails out there for domain names and many clients have been tricked into paying outrageous prices for domains they didn't even want, or didn't realise they were buying. When you register your domain with WebCoast you'll know that unless it is a WebCoast invoice, then you can safely ignore it!

If you would like more than one domain I can register them all and point them to the one website. Just tell me your requirements, or ask my advice at our initial consultation. For details on the criteria for different domains, please visit the auDA website.

A lot has been blogged about how obtaining more than one domain name can protect your brands online security and help you to increase your search traffic. That said many people whom are setting out buying domain names for their business are still unsure of exactly what and why some domain names carry such high value. Below are some simple tips for what to look for when buying domain names:

  • Country specific codes – domains such as ‘’ rank higher than generic ‘.com’ domains. Also should you have plans for branching out internationally, it is a good idea to buy a country specific domain for the markets you hope to enter such as ‘’ for the United Kingdom - ask us about the criteria for registering country codes.
  • Spelling variations –If your name or company’s domain name is often spelt incorrectly then it is recommended to purchase the spelling variants for the name. This will help direct traffic to your page even if the user enters the wrong spelling.
  • Multiple suffixes - in order to protect your company name and branding, you might like to buy all of the Australian suffixes of your domain name - for example,

Our rates for domain name registrations are as follows:

  •, $80 + GST per 2 years (includes technical support of setting up name servers)
  • .com, .biz $80 + GST per 2 years
  • .md $220 + GST per year
  • we also offer registration for other domain types so please let us know your requirements when we meet

Criteria and Eligibility for a Domain Name

Please see the policy rules on auDa website (SCHEDULE C - ELIGIBILITY AND ALLOCATION RULES FOR COM.AU)

Domain Name Transfer

We can arrange the transfer of your domain name from an existing registrar so that it is controlled (but not owned) by WebCoast. Some clients prefer to have us handle all of their web-related services, so that all invoices to do with their website originate from us.

Our rates for domain name transfers are as follows:

  •, or FREE unless within 90 days of renewal, in which case the cost is $80 + GST per 2 years which adds two years on to the existing expiry date.
  • .com, $40 + GST forced renewal which adds one year on to the existing expiry date.

We also offer transfer for other domain types so please let us know your requirements.

Our Obligations

WebCoast are a registered domain reseller with TPP Wholesale. We must adhere to policies provided by the Australian Domain Authority (AuDa) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Your Obligations

When providing WebCoast with the information to register a domain name, you must be aware that the information provided must be true and accurate. Click the link to read more about Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN's) Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

Can I rely on my Registered Business Name alone to register a or domain name?


As of 28 May 2012, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) set up a new national register, which replaced the existing eight state and territory registers, simplifying business names registration in Australia by offering a single national service.

This means that new business names registered after the 28 May 2012 will no longer have a state-based business number (i.e. VIC BN12345678).

auDA’s position is that it is acceptable for the registrant of a or domain name to rely on their Registered Business Name alone, without having to provide any other identifier such as an ABN or ACN. In this case, the Registrant and Eligibility Type and ID fields in the registry database can be left blank. The registrant name must be the legal entity (individual or company) holding that Registered Business Name, as shown on the ASIC Business Name Register.

To use an example - Kris Kringle owns a registered business called 'Santa Toys', and he wants to register ''. He wants to use his Registered Business Name as basis of eligibility and not his sole trader ABN or his company ACN. Since he registered his business name after 28 May 2012, his registered business name does not have an associated number. Read More

For more current information/issues relating to domains, see our domain name related blog.

Domain Renewal

To renew a domain name, please fill in the following form. If you have more than one domain to renew, please complete the form and submit it for each domain name individually.

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If you do not require your domain to be renewed, please send us a comment stating this, so that we have your request on record.
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I am delighted with the work that Nicola from WebCoast has done in creating a new website for our company. She has created a very professional looking website that catches and retains potential customers attention. Nicola was a pleasure to work with and nothing was too much trouble for her. I would highly recommend Nicola and WebCoast to anyone in business that is looking for a top of the range web designer to produce an excellent outcome for them.

Fernando Ortiz
Managing Director - Blue Collar People
April 2019