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I've had a couple of clients in the last few weeks contact me regarding telemarketers who are hounding them to purchase a domain name. Usually the whole scenario is surrounded with urgency because the domain name is 'about to go to auction', so a fast decision is said to be required. I'm naturally suspicious of anyone who calls me trying to sell me something, coupled with the fact that urgency is required, alarm bells start ringing for me.

In this instance though, it has the potential to sound legit. Although I do provide basic SEO services when I build a new site, and can tweak certain things to help you rank better, I leave the high-level SEO questions to the professionals. It is after all a profession in itself, and I'm not a jack-of-all-trades. So for this particular question 'should I buy the keyword-rich or exact-match domain name and redirect it to my site?' I referred to Ashley Bryan. He is my go-to guru for anything to do with SEO. His answer to the question Is There Any SEO Value In Making an Exact Match Domain Mirror Site and 301 Redirecting It To My Main Site? was so good that I thought I'd include a link to it in this blog.

Make the time to read it!

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