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Outlook has changed it's interface, so if you're looking for the old control panel.... go to File->Account Settings ->Manage Profiles. Select Email Accounts (top of the list). Once there, the 'old' control panel is shown (the one that we are used to). It's such a nuisance when they change things!

Here are the detailed instructions for accessing the 'Advanced Settings' in 2018.

Within MS-Outlook, go to File->Accounts Settings ->Manage Profiles

outlook manage profiles


If you get a message 'Do you want to allow this APP to make changes to your device?" click YES.

Next you will get a popup window with some options, choose "Email Accounts".

outlook options


The next popup window will give you a list of the accounts that you have setup within Outlook. Select the account that you want to make changes to, you can double-click it.

outlook accounts

The final screen will be the screen that you are used to seeing, and will contain the "More Settings" button where you can adjust settings such as 'Leave a copy of messages on the server for x many days".


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