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Now I confess, I'm no IT security expert, but I had to attend an online classroom environment on Zoom last Friday, so when an enewsletter appeared in my inbox with "Safety and Security While Video Conferencing with Zoom" as the title I thought I'd read it. It offered some really good tips, and some basic 'how to use' which was quite fortunate considering it was my first time using it. The article covers 

  • Video Conference Options
  • If You’re Required to use Zoom as a Meeting Host
  • Using Video Conferencing as an Attendee
  • Helping Kids Use Zoom
  • Can We Stay Safe on Video Calls?

Here the lead in to the article, and the link if you're interested in reading further...

With much of the world shifting to working from home due to public health concerns with COVID-19, video conferencing is booming. Businesses, and even schools, are turning to platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google hangouts and other technologies to stay connected.

Zoom has come under fire in recent days due to security issues with the platform. A zero-day vulnerability has recently been disclosed, and numerous users have noted that Zoom bombers are joining open meetings and sharing undesirable content. Zoom has also been found to overshare data with Facebook via their iOS app, a problem now fixed. BleepingComputer recently reported about a newly found vulnerability in Zoom that allows an attacker to steal Windows login credentials from other users.

In response, SpaceX has banned the use of Zoom for company meetings as has NASA. Zoom announced that they’re freezing all new feature development to focus on security and privacy.

Houseparty, another video conferencing platform, has also come under scrutiny with some users claiming that Houseparty is enabling hackers to get into their social media accounts amongst other things. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be much evidence to support these claims and Epic Games has offered a $1 million bounty to anyone who can prove these claims.

With all of these news stories, is it possible to have a safe video conference? Are some platforms safer than others? Why is Zoom so popular even though it has been plagued by so many security and privacy issues?

Remote businesses like Wordfence have been using remote connection tools for years, and we’ve learned a few things. With these concerns, we wanted to take a look at the security of numerous video conferencing platforms and provide some tips to help you stay safe when connecting online, whether you’re a meeting host or an attendee.


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