Social Media

Why use Social Media? More traffic, more leads, potentially more sales.

A lot of my clients have the information, but are reluctant to update their website themselves. Too scared of breaking it! If you can write the blog/recent project article and send them the associated photos, I'll upload it to the website and post it to your Facebook page and your Google My Business page.

Are you finding that your Google rankings are slowly dropping? It could be that your competitors are using their social media accounts more effectively than you, and this is improving their Google ranking, causing yours to drop.

Which social media accounts should you be using? Well it really depends on the nature of your business, but typical ones are Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

I don't provide a social media service where I create the content and post it for you, I just don't have the resources right now as I'm full time developing websites.

Below is the pricing for my Blog Post & Social Media services. Your next step will be to get in touch, we look forward to working with you!



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