Web Maintenance

Is the content of your site out of date, or are you too busy to maintain it?

Too busy to maintain your site?

Webcoast receive many requests on a daily basis for website maintenance. There are many web platforms to choose from, our core is Joomla but we do work with other CMS systems such as Wordpress, WIX and squarespace. Many businesses in Australia may be up to the third or fourth version of their website. WebCoast can perform updates to your existing site and major revamps changing the look, feel and content or layout as required. We can review your site with you and help you to ascertain the areas which need development.

The following questions may help you in determining what changes you need to make for your new website.

What’s wrong with the existing website?

The design – Getting the website to reflect your company brand is a design issue and is best left to skilled graphic designers. Would you approach your company based on what you see on your existing website?

The content is out of date – Which content is out of date? Does some of the content change regularly or frequently? If so, there are ways to manage this. Do you have people who can keep the content up to date? Or are you happy to let us update the content for you?

Chose a developer that's right for you

Many business both large and small have invested large sums of money or time creating their first website, only to find that the site hasn't met their expectations and actually don't like what they have. Make us part of your trusted team.

See examples of clients whose sites we have revamped.

We Are Joomla! Specialists


Do you have an existing Joomla! website which needs routine maintenance, or a complete refresh? Maybe the staff member that used to look after your website has moved on and you would like someone to take it over for you, or someone to provide training? WebCoast can do all of your Joomla! maintenance and revamps for you.