Personal Resume / CV websites

Perfect for individuals applying for jobs.

Are you looking for a new job? Do you need something which makes you stand out from everybody else, something that makes you look professional and well organised? A professionally built resume website which matches the style of your CV is a great way to showcase your work & experience, and provide access to your resume for those that don't have a hard copy.

The resume site is a simple one page site, you'll need a professionally taken (or very nice, high quality) image, plus the content for the site, which is essentially just the contents of your CV plus some extra bits of information. The cost is $640+gst, which includes registration of your domain name for one year, six months of hosting and six months of software updates. If you need the site after that, you can extend the hosting and maintenance - cost for hosting and ongoing software updates is around $500+gst per year (available to pay monthly).

Why use a web development company when you can have a go at building the website yourself? Sure you could give it a go, but building your own site with one of those DIY companies is not 'just a few clicks'. Realistically it will take you a solid few days to get something which looks reasonable. Do you really know how to resize and prepare images for the web? Do you know how to find your way around the backend of a web building utility and get the results you have in mind? Save yourself the stress and let us build the site for you. We can build it quicker and it will look and perform like a professional site should.